Watercolour story: Saint-Sauveur, QC

Saint Sauveur, Quebec

After a trip to Estérel a couple of weeks ago, I stopped into Saint-Sauveur which is located about an hour outside of Montreal. It’s a ski town, but in the summer there are a lot of cute shops and restaurants to see. I’m currently obsessed with the Waterlogue app, so I converted my photos into watercolours.

Here are my 5 favourite things from this charming little Quebec town…


Make: Gourmet s’mores, 6 ways

S'mores, 6 waysI finally got a chance to test out my new S’mores Melting Tray {purchased at HomeSense} over the long weekend & got a little carried away with all my flavour combinations! Here are 6 of my creations…

I made the marshmallows using this Chatelaine recipe & the flavours mentioned below were added when beating the gelatin mixture, before scraping it into the pan to set.

S'mores, 6 ways1 | Tropical: White chocolate | Coconut marshmallow {add 3-4 drops LorAnn coconut flavouring when beating gelatin mixture.} | pineapple | graham cracker

2 | Caramel Apple: Caramel | Cinnamon marshmallow {add 2 drops LorAnn cinnamon flavouring when beating gelatin mixture. This particular flavour is very strong, so use sparingly.} | apple | graham cracker

3 | Strawberry Rose: White chocolate | Rose marshmallow {add 2 tbsp. rosewater when beating gelatin mixture} | strawberry | graham cracker

S'mores, 6 ways
Keep reading for 3 more ideas…

Sugar Fix: Philip’s Ice Pops at The Hive, Honey Harbour

Philip’s Ice Pops at The Hive | 18 Frank’s Lane | Honey Harbour, Ontario

Philip's Ice Pops at The Hive Honey HarbourA couple of back-to-back trips this summer! After arriving home from California, I headed off to Georgian Bay for a cottage escape. The Hive is a really cute waterfront shop & cafe {Thrive Foods} at Honey Harbour that sells a variety of cottage-inspired clothing & decor.

The Hive Honey HarbourI tried a very yummy Strawberry Basil Philip’s Ice Pop while there. These are made with fresh fruit & herbs & are inspired by the Ontario harvest schedule. I noticed that they are also available in Toronto – yay! So now that I’m back home I can still get my fix.

Photos: Go Lightly

Going lightly in…San Francisco {again}

San FranciscoThe next stop on my California trip after LA was San Francisco. I’ve been before so this time I focused on trying some new food and also had the opportunity to check out Fantastico which, if you love party supplies, is a must-visit. It’s a big warehouse full of every party-related thing you can think of. I restrained myself and only picked up a few flamingo-themed items, as well as some El Wire, which I plan to use to make a neon sign {as seen in the Oh Joy! book}.

Keep reading for my 5 favourite San Francisco food spots this time…


Going lightly in…Los Angeles

Los AngelesI took my first trip to L.A. last weekend & had a chance to check out some of its neighbourhoods. Of course, there were a few dessert spots in there…

Keep reading for my 6 favourite things…

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