Finds: Etsy Made in Canada Day

So much to see today at Etsy: Made in Canada Day. This was my first time at this event; it was bigger than I expected & it was great that there was no admission charge.

A few of my favourite things:

CandiWare1. Minature food jewelry by CandiWare

Crown Flora dinosaur2. Gold dinosaurs planted with succulents by Crown Flora Studio

iBakery3. Beautifully decorated sugar cookies by iBakery

Other favourites:

Photos: 1. Go Lightly; 2. Crown Flora Studio; 3. iBakery

Inspiration: Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House

Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House by Janet HillWhat a great way to start a week…the first chapter of artist Janet Hill’s new illustrated novel for adults is now available online. Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House features a spooky story and more of Hill’s always beautiful paintings.
> Read Chapter One now.

Photos: Janet Hill Studio

Sugar Fix: Butter Avenue’s macarons

Butter Avenue | 477 Queen Street West | Toronto | View Map >

Butter AvenueI’m beginning to think that even if I tried a new pastry every day, I would still never catch up to the number of places we have here in Toronto; something new is always popping up.

This week, Butter Avenue opened their second location at Queen & Spadina so I stopped in to try their macarons. The space is stark & white, so that your attention can focus on the best part: the sweets!
Butter AvenueTheir macarons seem to be their signature item, but they also have a variety of lovely little tarts on display…
Butter AvenueMy macaron flavour sampling included: lavender, salted caramel, pistachio, strawberry/white chocolate, earl grey & orange. In addition to the filling, some of their macarons have a little bit of flavoured jam inside—a nice touch! My favourite would have to be the strawberry/white chocolate, with the salted caramel being a close second.
Butter Avenue

Photos: Go Lightly

Cocktail to Cookie: Grapefruit & basil

Grapefruit & basilOne of my favourite cocktails {Luma‘s The London G+T} inspired me to try a similar version at home…it’s a gin & tonic with a grapefruit & basil twist. I thought the same flavour combination might work in a cookie as well; I’ve tried a lot of citrus-y lemon & orange cookies, but not many grapefruit ones. I added a sprinkle of coarse sea salt to make them a bit more savoury.

Recipes for both of my experiments are below:

THE COCKTAIL: Grapefruit~Basil Gin & Tonic

Grapefruit & basil

MIX: 1 oz. gin | tonic water | splash of grapefruit juice
GARNISH: basil leaf | grapefruit slice

THE COOKIE: Salted Grapefruit~Basil Cookies

Grapefruit & basil

Keep reading for the recipe… (more…)

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