Going lightly in…Barbados

BarbadosA few highlights from my recent trip to Barbados, while staying at The Fairmont Royal Pavilion…view the slideshow below.

  • Pastel beach houses

    1. Pastel beach houses

  • Buffet breakfasts

    2. Buffet breakfasts

  • Beach

    3. Catching up on my reading, beach-side. I heart Eleanor & Park.

  • Stretches of white sand

    4. Stretches of white sand

  • Relaxing on a catamaran

    5. Relaxing on a catamaran

  • Turtle feeding

    6. Turtle feeding {fun for others, terrifying for me}

  • image title

    7. Macaroni pie! An abundance of fried fish – mostly mahi mahi and flying fish – and a side of coleslaw with everything, please

  • Pink balconies overflowing with flowers

    8. Pink balconies overflowing with flowers

  • Afternoon tea

    9. Daily afternoon tea, but with iced coffee…

  • Afternoon tea

    …and scones with strawberry jam

  • Afternoon tea

    And after, birds descending on the leftovers. Very Hitchcock.

  • Salad

    10. THIS salad: Crab, grapefruit & avocado.

  • Balloons

    11. Pink balloons

  • Tropical sunsets

    12. Pink sunsets

  • image title

Photos: Go Lightly

Bake: Mini cherry pies

Mini cherry piesMy weekend cherry picking resulted in an afternoon of pie baking. I’ve never attempted cherry filling before and it turns out it’s just cherries, sugar & cornstarch {recipe}. I expected to be slaving away for hours, but no.

I went with mini versions because they’re easier to distribute at the office and also, they’re adorable.

When converting a regular pie recipe into a mini version, reduce the baking time by 10 minutes or so and keep an eye on them. A regular pie will take about 45-50 minutes, so I set these for 35 and they ended up baking for about 40 minutes, just until the tops turned a golden brown. They can be stored covered at room temperature for up to 2 days, then you can refrigerate them for up to 3 days more.
Mini cherry piesNow what am I going to do with the several pounds of cherries I have left? I see cherry gin cocktails in my future.

Photos: Go Lightly

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