Watercolour story: Erchless Estate, Oakville

Oakville Museum at Erchless EstateErchless Estate {completed in 1858} was once home to Oakville’s founding family but is now the Oakville Museum. Colonel William Chisholm founded the town and built the estate overlooking his new harbour and Lake Ontario. Free tours of the home are available from Tuesday-Sunday.

A few highlights of the tour I took are below…

Erchless Estate Kitchen1 | The mantel in “the blue room”
2 | A vintage dress in “the blue room”.
3 | A gilded mirror and sconces in “the blue room”.
4 | Love the brass doorstops throughout the house.

Erchless Estate Kitchen1 | The fancy bathroom designed for the lady of the house.
2 | Mantel in “the pink room”.
3 | Vintage hatboxes currently on display as part of the Art and Fashion exhibit.
4 | A dollhouse the children would have played with.

Erchless Estate Kitchen1 | The kitchen.
2 | Icebox and stove in the kitchen.
3 | The pantry.
4 | Vintage kitchen utensils and products.

You can also take a short stroll over to the Old Post Office, located on the estate.
Oakville Post Office

Photos: Go Lightly, converted using Waterlogue