Make: Lavender cotton candy

Lavender Cotton CandyInspired by my trip to a lavender farm, I tried out some lavender cotton candy at home. All you need is lavender sugar, which is really easy to make.

This recipe should work with any dried spices or edible florals, like your favourite tea. I plan on also trying it out with some Earl Grey, one of my favourite flavours!

You will need:

Lavender Cotton Candy1 | Add the sugar and lavender in your food processor. I added a drop of food colouring to make it purple, otherwise it will be white.

Lavender Cotton Candy2 | Pulse until the lavender is ground & blended with the sugar {about 1 minute}.

Lavender Cotton Candy3 | Warm up your cotton candy maker for 10 minutes, then turn it off and using the scoop that comes with the machine, add a scoop of your lavender sugar in.

Lavender Cotton Candy4 | Turn machine back on and in about a minute the cotton candy will start to form.

Lavender Cotton Candy5 | Eat it as-is or use it to sweeten your coffee {see Light Cafe} or tea!