Toronto: 5 hot cocoas to try

A couple of weekends ago, I was on a MISSION to find a cup of after dinner hot chocolate – with no luck! So now I have a list…

Here are the five hot cocoas I thought looked most delicious and that I’m looking forward to trying soon! I’ve included a link to their hours to avoid any after-dinner disappointment.

Hot cocoa at Maman1 | A Matcha White Hot Chocolate at Maman. {Hours}

Hot cocoa at Bake Shoppe2 | A homemade peanut butter hot chocolate topped with a homemade vanilla bean torched marshmallow at Bake Shoppe. {Hours}

Hot cocoa at Sweet Jesus3 | A Salted Dark Hot Chocolate from Sweet Jesus. {Hours}

Hot cocoa at Peace Treats Co4 | A Smore Money Smore Problems at Peace Treats Co {part of Toronto’s Finest $5 Food Crawl}. {Hours}

Hot cocoa at Fika5 | A Fika Hot Chocolate, with house-made chocolate earl grey ganache at Fika. They also have a Lavender White Hot Chocolate that looks good. {Hours}

P.S. > An honourable mention for the Second Cup Candy Cane Hot Chocolate I look forward to having every year.
Hot cocoa at Second Cup

Happy sipping!