Sezane’s holiday packaging

Amidst the shuffle of all the online ordering we all do over the holiday season – a lot of which is stuffed in a plastic envelope or throw in a box – I thought I would share a really pretty package I received from Sezane. It always makes my week to open something from them; I love all the detail and thought they put into their packaging.

Of course, big brands wouldn’t go to the time and expense of adding a lot of detail to an online shipment, but once in a while it’s really nice to receive a package and feel like you are actually receiving a gift in the mail.

I treated myself to a necklace and here is how my package arrived:

Sezane packaging1 | Love the “Merci” printed on the underside of the top of the box.

Sezane packaging2 | Every purchase I’ve received has been packaged in a black and gold-striped envelope. My necklace was packaged in a little pouch inside of that.

Sezane packaging3 | Holiday packaging was included. This necklace is a gift for me, but will use this cute gift wrap for something else. The brand’s current theme {changes each season} is England, so the packaging is covered in illustrations of the Queen’s Guard.

Sezane packaging4 | Sezane’s current catalogue/magazine, which features some of their products as well as little travel guide for London {things to do, places to eat, etc.}.

Sezane packaging5 | Finally, a totebag. The design of these changes with the season too, so I have a nice little collection going.

All the packages are also scented with their signature L’Eau Sezane, a really nice citrusy floral scent.

I’m inspired to add some personal touches to my holiday packaging now. Happy wrapping!