Going lightly in…Vancouver {& Vancouver Island}

A couple of weeks ago, I took an amazing trip to Vancouver, Victoria & Tofino and thought I would share my itinerary. I decided not to drive while there, so took a combination of bus, ferry & plane, which made for an interesting adventure! I’m splitting up the trip into three posts and am prefacing this by letting you know that I have a terrible sense of direction and found this to be the easiest trip I’ve ever navigated. For this reason, it’s also a great trip to take on your own.

Go Lightly Bakes BC map

My route:
Fly from Toronto to Vancouver
Take the bus/ferry to Victoria
Take the bus to Tofino
Fly back to Vancouver before heading home to Toronto


I spent two nights in Vancouver and I’ve been twice before {see previous posts}, so I’m not going to get into things to do, etc. BUT I am going to recap my favourite desserts:

Vancouver desserts

1 | Vancouver is lucky enough to have not one, but TWO Laduree locations and these are currently the only Canadian shops.
2 | Cartems Donuterie makes the best donuts! I tried Cucumber Watermelon and a Strawberry Rhubarb Stuffie – yum!
3 | I waited in line at Earnest Ice Cream and then noticed the next day that Cartems carries this {I went to the West Pender location}. So FYI, you can try both at Cartems. I went with the Birthday Cake and London Fog flavours and they did not disappoint.
4 | Mister Artisan Ice Cream makes liquid nitrogen ice cream so it’s fun to watch it being made. They even torched the Creme Brulee flavour afterward.

I came across a couple of shops that I also really loved:

Vancouver shops

1 & 4 | Giovane Cafe inside the Fairmont Pacific Rim {the biggest collection of Sunnylife merchandise I have seen!}.
2 & 3 | The Cross Decor and Design {amazing styling, such an inspiring space}

One of my favourite new brunch places this time was Heirloom Vegetarian:

Heirloom Vegetarian

The next part of my journey was getting to Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island. I booked the BC Ferries Connector bus and got on at Pacific Central Station. Note: This service does offer hotel pick-up, but you have to wake up early and you would be on the bus while it’s making stops at all the other downtown hotels. If you like sleeping in like I do, I’d recommend just taking a taxi to the station and skipping the hotel pick-up. Pacific Central Station is where the bus drops you off anyway, so you can switch to the bus that takes you to the ferry.

The station is really nice!

Ferry ride to Victoria

Once on the bus, it’s about a 40-minute ride to Tsawwassen ferry terminal. The bus actually drives onto the ferry – I’ve never been on a ferry this big! – and is the first one on and off, which is nice because it makes the trip that much quicker. Once on the ferry, the bus parks and everyone heads upstairs for the ferry ride, which is about 90 minutes. It’s a really pretty ride:

Ferry ride to Victoria

After getting back on the bus, the ferry docks at Swartz Bay in Victoria and the bus drives off and continues to downtown Victoria {you can just get off there if you don’t want to go downtown}. I was staying at the Fairmont Empress downtown, so pretty much got dropped off right at the hotel {Capital City Station} – super-easy.