Going lightly in…Tofino, BC

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The last stop in my trip was Tofino! This cute little surf town is one my favourites of all the places I’ve visited in Canada. It’s strange to see such huge stretches of beach and surfers and realize you haven’t left Canada! Our country really is amazing. I spent three nights there – although if I were a surfer, I would probably have stayed longer. {I like to be near water and looking at water, but not actually be IN the water}

The cell phone service and Wifi is spotty in the area, so I got to really disconnect from everything and it made the experience that much more relaxing.

I randomly decided to go here after reading about Tofino in Bon Appetit Magazine. I had been thinking about getting away for a bit and then saw this and the rest of the trip unfolded from there!

Bon Appetit May 2017

Back to my trip details…

I got to Tofino from Victoria via Tofino Bus. It’s about a 6-hour drive. The bus does make stops along the way, so if you were driving on your own it would be faster. It’s a really pretty drive:

Drive to Tofino

I stayed at Long Beach Lodge {which is on Cox Bay Beach} and really enjoyed my room and the hotel service. It was such a warm and welcoming place, I would definitely recommend it.

The hotel is a bit out of town {a 10-minute drive/40-minute bike ride/1 hour & 15 minute walk} and Tofino normally has a free shuttle for the summer – but because I was there in low season, I rented a bike to get around. Tofino Bike dropped my bike off at the hotel and picked it up again once I was done with it, which was convenient. The town only has one taxi driver, so if he is unavailable you are out of luck. I would probably rent a car next time, as I went into town every day and although I did get a lot of exercise, I didn’t necessarily always feel like the 40-minute bike ride each way!

There are five beaches in the area and at low tide in the evening, everyone wanders out to the beach to walk around. Sometimes there’s a bit of fog, which makes it even more beautiful.

Cox Bay Beach at low tide

The town itself is small and has some good restaurants and cute gift and clothing shops.

My favourite shops:

Merge boutique in Tofino

My favourite restaurants:

Tofino restaurants

1 | A Potato Crusted Oyster at Wolf in the Fog. This was the best meal I had on my trip and it was the restaurant that was featured in the Bon Appetit issue I mentioned above.
2 & 3 | Tacofino. Vancouver and Victoria also have locations, but the Tofino food truck is the original, so I waited until I got here to try it. There’s always a line but the tacos were delish!
4 | Spiced Octopus & Pork Jowl at Wolf in the Fog.

My favourite desserts {etc..}:

Tofino dessert

1 | The town sign. The Saturday market is held right behind there.
2 | Rhino Coffee House. Great coffee and they have DONUTS. I went there twice for a Strawberry Lemon Bomb. YUM.
3 | Chocolate Tofino. It’s on the way into town, where Tacofino is. {I love Long Beach Lodge’s DVD library :) }
4 | I stopped into the Tofino Botanical Gardens, they are fairly quick to walk through. Definitely wear bug spray.

I’d never been whale watching so I thought this seemed like the perfect place to try it. I went with Ocean Outfitters and we did see a grey whale, but so briefly that I wasn’t able to get a photo. There were also some otters and sea lions, but I was really in it for the whales. Other popular trips are bear watching and Hot Springs Cove.

Pacific Ocean in Tofino

I’d love to go back to Tofino some day, so relaxing…

I decided not to do the 8-hour bus ride back to Vancouver, so instead booked a flight on KD Air {40 minutes}. I’ve never been on a plane this small before, but it was a such a quick way to get back to Vancouver and I got a great view of the island!

Flight to Vancouver

So that was my trip! It’s somehow worked out that I’m already planning my next vacation. Stay tuned…