Paris spots for bakers

Work brought me to Paris for a total of six weeks last year and I never got around to sharing all of the things I discovered during my time there.
I thought I would do a little recap of my favourite places for baking supplies and I also got a chance to take a class…

E. Dehillerin
1 | E. Dehillerin is a great spot for general kitchen utensils and pans, but there also a lot of great finds like molds and cutters. There are tons of bins to look through, it’s like digging for treasure.

G. Detou
2 | At G. Detou you’ll find unique ingredients, chocolate and sprinkles you wouldn’t easily find in Canada. I found some great metallic dragees in assorted colours:

G. Detou

3 | Mora has a ton of silicone molds! There’s also a lot of sprinkles and cake decorating supplies.

La Cuisine
4 | La Cuisine offers workshop taught by English-speaking chefs. I tried their macaron class and thought it was a great way to spend an afternoon. They taught both the Italian and French method of macarons and made making this really intimidating cookie seem simple.