I’m currently taking a limited number of orders for 2018, for the desserts below. A minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is required.

Please note that sketches will be provided for decorated sugar cookies and tiered cakes only. All other desserts will be designed based on your theme or colours.

Visit the Gallery to learn more about the style of the desserts I create.



Decorated Sugar Cookies
Decorated sugar cookies
Starting at $3/cookie

Price depends on the complexity of the design and number of colours used.

Minimum 2 dozen. Minimum one dozen per design.

Submit your theme details with your quote request and I will work with you to create the design for your cookies.

Each cookie will be packaged with a cellophane sleeve and sealed with a white sticker


Buttercream cupcakes
Buttercream cupcakes
$36/dozen {regular size}; $24/dozen {mini}

Designed to fit your theme’s colours, topped with buttercream details & sprinkles.

Regular-sized cupcakes: Minimum one dozen. Minimum one dozen per flavour.

Mini cupcakes: Minimum 2 dozen. Minimum 2 dozen per flavour.

Additional toppings are available for an extra cost.*


Mini donuts

Baked & glazed.

Topped with sprinkles and fondant shapes to fit your theme.

Minimum 2 dozen.


Buttercream cake

Provide your theme and/or colours and a custom design will be created for you. Sketches are available for tiered cakes only.

 Starting at:
5″: $30 | Serves 10
8″: $50 | Serves 20
2-tier: 5” & 7” tiers | $80 | Serves 30

Starting price is for a cake with buttercream details and sprinkles. Additional toppings are available for an extra cost.*


*Additional toppings available for an extra cost: Mini chocolates, mini sugar cookies, mini meringues, mini donuts. Please inquire when submitting your quote request.